About Steam Turbines

EthosEnergy Field Services is a recognized leader in steam turbine inspection, service and repair.

Major / Minor Inspections

Bearing Change Outs

Major Overhauls

Turbine Valve Overhaul / Repair

Installation, Alignment

General Maintenance

Rotor & Diaphragm Repair

Blade Replacement

Blade Manufacture and Redesign via our Engineering Team

Tie Wire Replacement

Spill Strip Replacement

Seal Replacement

Radial & Axial Fit Repairs

Field Machining / Field Balancing


TFA’s (Technical Field Advisors)

Steam turbine inspection is a skill we have refined over the last 40 years. The skills and experience we possess provides you with assurance that we can deliver these services in a timely and cost-efficient manner.

Products & Services


We have built our reputation on rapid responsiveness and innovative solutions while incorporating all of the field service resources of a major OEM, t

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Steam Turbine Repairs

Rotors, diaphragms, blade rings, casings, inspections and repairs can be carried out during a major overhaul directly on-site or in conjunction with o

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Inspection and Maintenance

EthosEnergy Field Services is a trusted leader in steam turbine inspection, service and repair. EthosEnergy Field Services skills and expertise encomp

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