About Reliability Upgrades

For many customers, reliability is the primary driver for their overhaul.

This can stem from a chronic problem or a drive to increase reliability over as-built conditions. EthosEnergy provides solutions for many areas of your turbine, to improve reliability and give you peace-of-mind when operating your turbine.

Beginning with Engineering Analysis, and through design and manufacture, EthosEnergy provides a one-stop comprehensive solution for your reliability needs.

For more information on reliability upgrades we provide, please contact us.

Products & Services


EthosEnergy is the pioneer in seal upgrades for all turbine makes and models. During your next outage, we can apply a customized advanced seal optimiz

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Engineering Analysis

​EthosEnergy’s engineering design group is unique in the industry in both capability and breadth of experience. Comprised of engineers with backgr

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icon™ Steam Turbine Controls

​The modular and scalable icon™ control system with open-platform architecture integrates existing disparate systems into one common platform to i

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​EthosEnergy’s aftermarket design engineering staff is devoted to reliability and efficiency improvements for your steam turbines. With more than

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Rotor Straightening

​Not all severely damaged rotors require replacement, regardless of common recommendations from OEMs. Most of the damaged rotors are repairable. Ben

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