About Aero & Industrial Accessories & Components

EthosEnergy Accessories & Components provides comprehensive testing and overhaul services for aero engine fuel nozzles, injectors, harnesses, sensors, and engine components.

Our Accessories and Components (A&C) business units provide OEM-approved and independent repair and overhaul services for industrial, marine and aerospace engine components and accessories to operators worldwide.

EthosEnergy Serves a Global Network of Customers

There are three facilities, two of which are in the US; Duncan, South Carolina and East Windsor, Connecticut, with the third in Aberdeen, UK.

Engineered Solutions




Reverse Engineering

3D Printing

Vaccum Brazing

HVOF & Air Plasma Coatings

Heat Treatment

Air & Water Flow

Electro-Discharge Machining

High Temperature Diffusion Coating

Engineered Solutions

Industrial Services

Fuel Nozzles


Electrical Harnesses

Engineered Solutions

Aero Services

Fuel Nozzles


Electrical Harnesses



Sensors / Probes


The expertise and experience A&C have in repair development and service innovation enables them to deliver, where possible, life cycle improvements across a wide range of engine models.